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Megan Young + Mikael Daez Get Real About Their Plans To Have A Baby

'Are we ready to have the baby talk?'

Am I married? No. Do I want children? Also no. But when Megan Young and Mikael Daez posted a video on their podcast, Behind Relationship Goals, titled, "Our baby plansnow na ba?" I clicked it right away. There's just something about these two and their *amazing* communication skills that make me want to know their thoughts on relationships—especially if it means getting to know this super cool couple even more. 

In the beginning of the podcast, Mikael explained that in their relationship, so many factors come into play when it comes to becoming parents: "We're newlyweds and there are expectations, not just from external forces but from myself, from herself, as a couple, from her, let's say, biological clock. So many things to consider."

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Megan shared that she always thought she'd be a young mom. She recalled, "I thought I was gonna have kids by 25. Siguro mga high school, sabi ko sa sarili ko, 'I think I'm gonna get married around 24 or 25 and then I'll have kids right after.' Because that's what I was used to seeing." Mikael agreed and revealed that he thought he'd also marry young and have a big family because that's what he knew. 

Watching people around them raise children, the actor realized more and more that taking care of kids is not easy: "The challenge is real. Yung puyat, yung attention that you have to give that you've never really had to give anyone else, not even to [your partner]. It's so different."

The first time they talked about having kids, they asked each other how many they wanted. Megan said, "I don't know, maybe like one or two," to which Mikael replied, "Huh? What? You don't know what the future has in store for us. You don't know if we're gonna have one, two, five, 10. So why are you putting a number on it?" He later admitted he still had a "go lang nang go" mentality. 

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The conversation shifted to whether they want to have kids right away. Mikael had a lot to say because his sister just had a baby and experienced what it was like to bring life into the world amid a pandemic.

He opened up, "Current circumstances have been dictating how I feel about it...Let's say Bonez is pregnant and she has to go to the hospital. And what if, the current situation dictates that she has to go alone to limit the exposure of people in a hospital setting? That adds another layer of fear and anxiety, even if I was allowed to go with her and accompany her...There's an extra layer of fear that for me, if I could control it, I would rather not feel."

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The beauty queen expressed her own concerns as well, but it was more about whether or not she was ready to be a mother: "Your body changes drastically. Your emotions change drastically. But aside from that, I think one thing that I'm also scared of is the anxiety that I feel towards responsibility. I hope I'll be able to be a good mother. You're the one that is a driving force for this child that you bring into the world... Will I be able to teach them the good things or guide them into a path where they become a good person in life?"

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So for now, it's just the two of them (plus Soba, omg, so cute). This sweet couple has been busy working on their content, and it looks like we have more of Bonez and Fofo to look forward to. 

Watch the entire podcast below: 


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