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The Cute Story Behind Megan Young & Mikael Daez's *First* Kiss

'After that kiss, I didn't want to kiss anyone else.'
Megan Young and Mikael Daez's first kiss story

In a new episode of Megan Young and Mikael Daez's podcast, they talked about their crazy nights out with their respective barkadas, experiences with "fuzzy water", and more. Bet you didn't know that when Megan had her first blackout, she had to be carried by so, so many people (and lol, was grounded for months right after). Mikael, on the other hand, shared a story about his friends' "Power Hour" night—where they had to drink from a small glass every minute for a full hour (so, 60 drinks, you guys)

After they became a couple, Megan and Mikael partied together. Mikael said, "Going out was our thing. It was our excuse, especially during the first year that we were making landi-landi. We would go out a lot."

Megan Young and Mikael Daez's first kiss story
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Megan explained, "Fofo and I met in a bar for work. We had an event there...but it was also one of the places that we would go to because hen Fofo was modeling, he would get model discounts [from] certain bars. So I would always see him out, and my friends knew him from high school, so they were always like, 'Megan, talk to Mikael.'" 

Their first kiss actually happened in the same bar where they met! Megan said, "For some reason, we were with our friends but for some reason, all of our friends, biglang nawala. And it was just both of us by the bar..."

Mikael continued, "talking to one another, sipping on our fuzzy water...and one thing led to another. As we were talking, we were going closer and closer and closer together, and that talking led to our first blank," to which Megan replied, "momol!" Haha! 

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Mikael sweetly said, "It was really amazing, to be honest with you. It was the definition of fireworks in the background.

"After that first kiss, I didn't want to kiss anyone else," Megan revealed. Aww!!

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