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Megan Young Reveals What Scared Her The Most About Joining The Pageant World

Megan thought, 'What happens if I lose?'
Megan Young talks about why she hesitated to join the pageant world

We all know that Megan Young won the Miss World pageant in 2013, but what most people might not be aware of is that it took a while for her to really decide whether or not pageantry was right for her. At 22, she already had a career as a host and an actress, so when the opportunity to train as a beauty queen came up, Megan's first thought was, "What happens if I lose?"

In a video posted on their YouTube channel, she and Mikael Daez talk about the toughest career decisions they've ever had to make. For Megan, it was joining Binibining Pilipinas: "My work was on the line. I knew that I could not work if I was doing this pageant, which meant that I would not have income, which meant that I could not pay for anything...People were saying, 'Kung talo ka dito, wala ka nang babalikan.'"

Megan Young Miss World 2013

When she started training in 2012, Megan was also intimidated by queens like Janine Tugonon and thought maybe this world wasn't for her. At the time, she was also offered a new show where she was going to be the main kontrabida, which made the decision more difficult. But Aces & Queens called her up again, asking if she wanted to join. 

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During a random night-out, Mikael asked Megan, "Is this something you want to do?" He did this because he "realized that nobody was being real with Bonez. Everybody was saying, 'You're going to win. You're going to be the best.'" So he asked her what she was really afraid of, and because she didn't voice it out, he decided to: "I told her, 'You know what? If you lose, you're probably not going to have anything after that, no?' I wanted to voice it out because nobody would tell her what the flip side would be or at least the flip side of what she was thinking..."

Mikael encouraged Megan to go for it because the regret of not knowing would be too much. "Now, if you do lose, then it's okay, because you know how to work hard. And people who work hard would always be able to grind out another opportunity," he said. 


And we're so glad she went for it! 

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