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Mikael Daez On LDR With Megan Young During Miss World: 'It allowed us to focus on ourselves'

We want what they have!
Megan Young and Mikael Daez on LDR
PHOTO: Instagram/meganbata

There’s so much to admire about former Miss World titleholder Megan Young’s relationship with her husband Mikael Daez. For one, they managed to stay together despite the rumored ~*curse*~ for beauty queens who win the crown—given that most of them eventually break up with their significant others afterward. Not only did Bonez and Fofo (their pet names, ICYDK) surpass that, they even *appreciated* their long-distance relationship during Megan’s reign, saying it worked perfectly for them.

“The physical separation from each other was good for us as individuals,” Megan shares in an interview on Toni Gonzaga’s Toni Talks channel. Mikael explained that he was only starting out at showbiz during the time, while Megan needed to focus on her new role, which included a lot of travels and charity activities around the world. For him, the distance that we had was good for us because it allowed us to focus on ourselves.”


Megan revealed that Mikael was a huge part of why she pursued joining the pageant in the first place. “Before getting [the title of] Miss World, malaking factor talaga siya sa‘kin. Siya yung nag-push. He gave me the confidence. Kasi I’m a natural follower. I don’t think that I’m a natural-born leader like Mikael and his personality. He was trying to help me become my own person para ako na yung magme-make ng decisions and I don’t have to rely on other people para mag-decide para sakin.”

Megan Young and Mikael Daez on LDR
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She said that Mikael was mega-supportive of her journey—something that, sadly, wasn’t the norm with her competitors and their boyfriends. “Nung finals and a couple of days before, ang daming umiiyak sa backstage. Sabi ko, ‘Oh, what happened to you?’ sabi niya, ‘My bf just broke up with me, my bf and I are rocky.’ Ang daming ganun! Even yung mga competitors ko, they were really suffering emotionally during that point,” Megan shares.

Ako, enjoy lang ako dito, sabi ni Fofo, ‘Bonez, mag-cascade ka kung sinong pwedeng bumoto sayo.’ Sabi nya sakin, ‘Lahat ng kilala mong artista, i-DM mo.’ Eh introvert pa ‘ko. So sabi ko, ‘I can’t do it.’ Sabi niya,Ano ka ba, andiyan ka na, gawin mo na! Kung di mo gagawin, pano kung mag-regret ka? Megan recalls of her conversations with Mikael during the pageant promotions.

Mikael had prior work engagements so he wasn’t able to witness Megan’s coronation, but the beauty queen revealed that her beau was the ~*first one*~ she reached out to as soon as after the event. “I called him, siya yung una kong tinawagan. Sabi ko, ‘Fofo, I won! Di ako makapaniwala.’”


When asked about what changed between them after Megan won the prestigious crown, the couple was all smiles and said nothing really much. Mikael put it beautifully: “Honestly, hindi ko naisip yung mga bagay na yun kasi for me I’m not in love with Miss World. I’m in love with Bonez. So if she is Miss World in her work, that’s something she can hold, that’s something she can use. With or without Miss World, she’s still Bonez with me. I think it was clear to her that I was in love with Bonez and she was in love with Fofo.”

Aww. So sweet, you two!


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