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You Have To See Mimiyuuuh *Struggle* With This Pinoy Tongue Twister

So much LOL!
Mimiyuuuh tries the Cosmo Challenge: Tongue Twister and Pinoy Henyo
PHOTO: Cosmopolitan Philippines

Mimiyuuuh never fails to make us laugh. TBH, whenever her posts appear on our social media feed, we can't help but LOL! So, when we got to shoot with her, we knew we had to have her take on a Cosmo Challenge. This time, we asked her to pronounce Tagalog tongue twisters and play the Pinoy Henyo game. 

Spoiler alert: She struggled so badly during the difficult level of the Tongue Twister challenge! Watch and laugh below:

Mimiyuuuh *Struggles * To Say The Hardest Tagalog Tongue Twister | Cosmo Challenge

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