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Miss Universe 2019: Top 5 Q&A Transcript

Their questions ranged from protests to privacy to climate change!
PHOTO: (1) Instagram/sofaaragon, (2) Instagram/zozitunzi, (3) Instagram/madisonandersonberrios

Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa just won Miss Universe 2019! But before she was given the crown, Zozibini and the rest of the Top 5 finalists, Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, and Puerto Rico, had to answer questions from a variety of topics at this year's Q&A portion. Read the full transcript below:

1. Mexico, Sofia Aragon

Question: Recently many countries have seen protests in their streets, some have led to violence. Is protest a positive way to create change?

Answer: "I believe in the cause. I believe in creating change. And I do believe in raising our voices. We need to be heard. And some of these protests are really powerful and they can create a positive impact, but I do not believe in violence, because violence is always going to create violence. I really believe that what we should do is come together, raise our voices, and make an impact in the best possible way ever through these [kinds] of platforms like Miss Universe, through [these] kinds of platforms like Ted Talks. That's why I'm here. And I really believe that that's what you should do. Thank you."

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2. Thailand, Paweensuda Drouin

Question: Government surveillance is used to keep many nations and their safe, but some believe this invades our right to privacy. What is more important to you, privacy or security?

Answer: "I believe that every country has their own government policy to keep us safe. And I believe that it shouldn't cross the line of going into our privacy because we have a right to privacy. But security is also very important, so I believe that in order to live in a better society, we should also have the government look into align, a middle ground as to where they can come and live together with society."

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3. Colombia, Gabriela Tafur Nader

Question: Millions of women worldwide lack access to reproductive healthcare. What do you believe is the most important issue in women's health and why?

Answer: "I think the most important thing is that women are able to choose about their own body. We have to have an option to have quality care. So any decision we make about our body, about our health, about our reproduction will ever put us [at] risk, especially our lives."

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4. Puerto Rico, Madison Anderson

Question: Social media has empowered people to express their beliefs, but sometimes those beliefs are intolerant and dangerous. Should social media platforms respect free speech or regulate what people post?

Answer: "I most definitely believe that social media can be a positive aspect in our lives. We can share information, knowledge, however, it can be used in the wrong hands and spear negativity and harm many people, so I believe that social media should identify the people who are spearing such negativity and create hurt on self-esteem on other people to make sure that they're not abusing the system, such as social media. Thank you."

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5. South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi

Question: Are leaders of today doing enough to protect future generations from climate change? If not, what more should they be doing?

Answer: "I think that the future leaders could do a little bit more. But, however, I feel like we as individuals, ourselves, can also play a part in making the climate and the way it should be in the future. I mean, we have children protesting for climate, and I feel like as adults we should join as well. We should have corporations join as well, and the government should take it seriously. I mean, from sixth grade, I've been learning that the climate is deteriorating and the planet is dying, and it is up to us to keep our planet safe. Thank you."

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