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Moira Dela Torre 'Couldn't Think Of Anyone Else' But JoshLia To Star In 'Paubaya'

I mean, who else could crush us that hard?!
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It's been almost a week since Moira Dela Torre dropped her "Paubaya" music video on Valentine's Day, no less, and simultaneously crushed the hearts of millions of Pinoys. The song itselfwhich is about accepting that a former lover has found happiness in someone elsewas already immensely heartbreaking, but the mv was a whole other story. It starred former love team partners Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto whose real-life relationship ended in 2019. And six minutes out of the 11-minute-long video was dedicated to a raw and gutting ~closure~ scene, whose dialogue was co-written by the two actors.

"Sinubukan naman natin 'di baNilaban naman natin 'di ba?"

"Yeah. We tried."

Yup, those lines still hurt SO, SO MUCH. The mv has indeed left a lasting impression on so many viewers, and for singer-songwriter Moira, she knew that there really was ~no one else~ who could star in "Paubaya" than JoshLia. In an interview with ABS-CBN, Moira shared how she and her husband Jason Hernandez (who is a collaborator in most of her music) only had the actors in mind for "Paubaya": "JoshLia and Jason and I, we've been friends for quite a while now. But even without the friendship, we have been their biggest fans. We just couldn't think of anyone else who could be as raw and as natural in conveying a message about forgiveness."


Although JoshLia's scenes in the mv can be interpreted as closure for the former lovers, for Moira, "Paubaya" is actually the final chapter of her Patawad era, her 2020 album of the same name. "I think that this was the closure that we all needed," she said. "The message of my entire album and the entire season that I wrote with my husband is about forgiveness, letting go, and letting God."

"Paubaya" has over 16 million views on YouTube as of writing and Moira and her team are still in "disbelief" over the public's reception. "Sobrang grateful ko po. I know that my team and I are still in disbelief with how everything happened, but it definitely was a team effort. Direk Niq Ablao, Jason, Josh, and Julia, we're all so, so grateful for how everyone's receiving this."

She also added, "To know that a lot of people related to this, and to know that a lot of people were encouraged by this to forgive, to, you know, do the right thing, to choose to love, it's such a great achievement for me."

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