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My One-On-Two With Phil And James Younghusband columnist Bianca Valerio chats with the famous brothers from Team Azkals about nationalism, fashion, and why they like girls who make the first move.

Hosting the Collezione-C2 press launch allowed me to get Phil and James Younghusband, the newest ambassadors of the top retail brand (watch for's feature on this!), to spill the beans on their type of women (even if it wasn't in my script!).

The Azkals football team has certainly placed the sport on the Philippine map, but these two have placed their love for the Philippines and Filipino women on their sleeve (or shirt), literally!

Here's a snippet of my interview with them.

Bianca Valerio: You two are sought-after endorsers, especially with your success with the Philippine Azkals. What made you decide to be brand ambassadors for Collezione C2?

Phil Younghusband: It's an honor for us to be part of a brand that shares our passions, both for football and for being proud to be Filipino.

James Younghusband: It was really easy for us to decide to team up with C2 because the brand captures our own personal style.

B: How would you describe your personal styles? How different are you from one another?

J: People don't realize how different we are. We're just always together and we both play football so they assume we're very alike. When it comes to dressing up, Phil, here, is more…

P: Loud! Hahaha!

J: Yeah, I go for more sporty styles, classic colors and prints.

B: So Phil, are you the more fasyon one?

P: I guess you can say that!

B: Why not, who could pull off pink the way you do? Hahaha!

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(At this time, I make them both stand up and strike a pose for the cameras in their C2 emsembles.)

B: Let's now shift your focus on women. How would a regular woman get your attention?

P: Usually when I'm attracted to someone, I usually find someone I know to introduce me.

B: You mean, you guys would never go up to a girl and ask her out?

P: No, we've never done that, haha! It's usually at a party of a common friend or relative, and that's how it all starts.

B: So what do you think about a woman who makes the first move and introduces herself?

J: That would be great, actually.

B: You mean, you wouldn't think of that as a turn-off, take her as an aggressive woman?

J: Not at all. We'd love it if a woman were like that!

P: There's nothing wrong with that, really. Makes it even easier for us to get to know someone.

B: What would get you interested in them, after meeting them?

J: She has to love sports and should have lots of things in common with me. I want to be with someone who shares the same passions and interests as me.

B: So she also has to be a champion in swimming, tennis, taekwondo, and so on and so forth, like you?

J: Hahaha, yes! I guess so!

B: So Phil, any truth to the rumors regarding you and Angel Locsin getting together?

P: Angel and I have hung out a couple of times but we're just friends. Right now, my focus is on football and letting it have a stronger impact on the country and preparing for our game against Mongolia to bring another win for the Azkals.

Congratulations to Phil and James on their latest endorsement for Collezione-C2, and best of luck on their next game in chilly Mongolia! Mabuhay Azkals!

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