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People Are Making 'Mystified' Memes And We Can't Stop Laughing

Karylle's powers of invisibility could come in handy for certain situations.
PHOTO: Mystified/IFLIX, (INSET) Twitter/kurbashian

The original cast of GMA's 2005 series Encantadia, Iza CalzadoSunshine DizonKarylle, and Diana Zubiri, will be reuniting in an action-packed fantasy film called MysitifiedThe teaser trailer, which was posted on January 18, shows the four women as friends (instead of sisters) who possess magical powers such as invisibility and telekenesis. They must defend the world from an evil kontrabida (Sunshine Cruz), who wants to eliminate non-magical people! Check it out below: 

People on social media are quoting this particular line from Iza: "You mean witch, bitch!" And earlier this week, Iza jokingly welcomed her husband Ben Wintle as the fifth and newest member of the sanggres! Sooo adorable. 

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Twitter is on fire, and we're totally loving all of these reactions to their reunion film! Here are some of the most hilarious memes about Mystified

My heart literally stops whenever this happens: 

When it's time to DTR:  

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Remember the show Ika-6 Na Utos

Let's make Harry Potter proud! 

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Here's one for the students: 

LOL! Is Pirena part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now?

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Mystified will be available for streaming this March on iFlix. 

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