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An Honest Review Of 'Mystified'

Most relatable character: Karylle as the designated 'millennial!'
PHOTO: Mystified/iflix

The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers 

Sunshine Dizon, Iza CalzadoKarylle, and Diana Zubiri play the roles of four sorceresses or witches named Althea, Adela, Helena, and Kathalina. They're blessed with magical powers such as telekinesis and mind reading (Adela), the ability to heal and create potions (Althea), telekinesis (Helena), and the power to control the elements (Kathalina).

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Due to a sad event that causes Althea and Adela to resent each other, the four of them decide to part ways while on a mission on Earth. After a few centuries of moving from place to place in the ~human~ world, Althea is a doctor, Adela is a dedicated professor, Helena is a vlogger and influencer, and Kathalina is a successful events planner. When another witch named Hellga (Sunshine Cruz) threatens to eliminate non-magical beings in the world and bring back her dark lord Levictus, the four of them reunite to go against Hellga and her equally evil minions.  

The Short, Honest Plot

Friends and sisters may fight and grow resentful of each other, but in the end, they will always have each other's backs! 

The Cast And Where We Last Saw Them

Here's a photo of the four during Iza's wedding in December 2018

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Sunshine Dizon as Althea 

She appeared as Pirena in the 2005 fantasy series Encantadia and had lead roles in the shows Bakekang (2006) and Ika-6 Na Utos (2016). Sunshine is currently starring in the series Inagaw Na Bituin

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Iza Calzado as Adela 

Iza played the role of Amihan in Encantadia! She also starred in the films Barber's Tales (2013), Etiquette For Mistresses (2015), and Bliss (2017). 

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Karylle as Helena 

After starring as Alena in Encantadia, Karylle went on to star in the international TV series The Kitchen Musical (2011) and the PH production of the theater musical Cinderella (2013). She is currently one of the hosts of It's Showtime!

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Diana Zubiri as Kathalina 

Diana was the youngest sister, Danaya, in Encantadia. She recently appeared in the TV series Victor Magtanggol (2018) and Dragon Lady (2019). 

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Did You Know? 

1. This is their reunion project! Iza, Sunshine, Karylle, and Diana starred together in the 2005 GMA series Encantadia as four princesses and sisters called sang'gres with powers to control the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth.  

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2. Mystified is the first original movie in Southeast Asia from Iflix! It was produced alongside Sanggre Productions, which is headed by the four leads and Mark Reyes, who also directed the movie.

Check out the BTS video of the film below: 

3. For the movie's soundtrack, Karylle wrote and performed the song "Simula," which was produced by her husband Yael Yuzon. A rock version of the song can be heard on Spotify!

4. We get to see the girls speak Espanyol in this film because the story begins during the Spanish era!

5. During the film's first day of streaming on March 29, fans were able to watch Mystified on Twitter for a one-time event at 8 p.m. 

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What I Think: 

I was a big fan of Encantadia when I was a kid! I was around nine years old when it first came out and I absolutely loved the costumes, the four "brilliantes," and even the opening song. I even remember crying one night because I wasn't able to catch an episode of the show since my family went out for dinner and we weren't able to get back in time for me to watch it. I even loved when characters from Encantadia made cameos in the 2005 Mulawin movie! So, hearing about a reunion film with the four lead Encantadia stars got me feeling all kinds of things—giddy, nostalgic, and excited. 

People weren't kidding when they said the nostalgia they experienced with this film was so real! I felt like I was at home again, watching Encantadia when I should've been doing homework instead. Seeing the four leads together again brought so many memories back. I liked that each of the witches had distinct personalities, much like Amihan, Pirena, Alena, and Danaya in Encantadia! Sunshine Dizon as a kindly softhearted doctor was hugely different from the bitter and scheming Pirena, but it totally worked. Karylle was the designated social media-fluent millennial character, which made me relate to her the most.  

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Check out this cute fanart of Karylle's character Ena and her pet Frogletto: 

Adding elements of a romance for two out of the four leads was a nice touch! Of course, witches fall in love too, right? And not just with magic folk, they like humans, too. There were also so many quotable lines! My favorites were "If you want to call me a witch, then that's okay" and "I need a change of clothes. Hindi bagay sa akin ang puti.

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But while I still love fantasy as a genre, I think Mystified should be targeted more towards the younger generation and I sort of got sad that I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. Come to think of it though, it kind of makes sense. I'm not a kid anymore, and I've already seen so many movies with elements like these. It's the kids' turn now to marvel over witches on brooms and beings that can disappear whenever they want to.

I'd Recommend It To: 

  • Fans of the Encantadia television series! 
  • Anyone who loves movies about fantasy, friendship, and women empowerment. 
  • The youth—kids, literally. 

Mystified is available for streaming on Iflix.

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