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Nadine Lustre On Doing Projects Without James Reid: 'We are breaking traditions'

PHOTO: Instagram/nadine

In Nadine Lustre's latest movie, Ulan, she got paired with Carlo Aquino instead of her usual on- and off-screen partner James Reid. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the Kapamilya star admits that she was very nervous about it at first. "It was overwhelming because it was the first time na wala si James, so I was nervous na baka hindi tanggapin ng fans. But they have been really supportive. It was a nice experience working with Carlo this time because it gave me room to grow."

Working with other people has not really been a point of discussion between her and James, she says, "we are just okay with it." The couple did go to Korea together to shoot a music video, and she describes that it was another new experience for her. "The people we worked with in Korea were so chill," she laughs. "The Koreans were very relaxed when it comes to working. This is one thing I noted about Koreans in general, very relaxed lang talaga sila."


They did not have time for side trips, unfortunately, because of their tight schedule, which is something that Nadine has gotten used to. This is why she even prefers to go online these days to shop. "It is more convenient for me to go on shopping sites," she mentions. "I don't have to physically go to the stores to buy what I need. When we are out, we meet the fans too, and as much as we love talking with them, that also takes up our time which we could also be spent resting from our busy schedules," she admits.

Her last online purchase was unusual. "It was a puncher for belt holes," she says with a grin. "Most of my belts, even though they are already 'small,' are still too big for me, so hindi ko sila nagagamit. I found the belt puncher on Lazada, and it is really so amazing to see all of the products that you might have that you never thought you needed."

Between her and James, she is the bigger shopper, she admits, and she loves finding things for him to wear. "For him, it has to be something that is not usual, he likes wearing big pants, printed clothes, malalaking shirtsplain but extra-large shirts. It's good that I like the things he likes. I'd know if he likes the brand or the print on the shirt." For her, his more recent purchase is a necklace, she reveals.

When asked about her summer plans, especially during the Holy Week break, she jokingly sighs and says that she will be working, but would appreciate some time off to go to the beach with James. She is busy working on another movie project, a dance musical with Sam Concepcion, and hopes that fans will like this new project as well.

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Nadine shares her thoughts about "changing partners" in an industry where love teams are expected to be real-life partners as well. "I guess we are breaking traditions. In the US and in other countries, hindi naman kailangan na since you are partnered together kailangan maging kayo or you should date. It is all about the acting, and the actors know to keep it professional. I don't think it really mattered to us because James and I were just really friends. Now, I am working with Sam nowand Sam is our friendI don't think it should matter if we choose to work with other people. JaDine will always be there."

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