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Nadine Lustre, Ivan Dorschner React To Blogger's Claims On IG

PHOTO: Instagram/nadine

Nadine Lustre recently took to Instagram to share a cryptic message that many are speculating to be a response to a certain blogger's claims about Nadine's relationship with her beau James Reid.

Nadine, via Instagram Stories, posted a message, saying, "What's the matter? Can't handle all the attention you asked for?" This was followed by another message that said, "Making [shit] up and hating on me ['cause] truth is [bitch], [you] actually a fan." The post came with a hashtag #inDeenial.

With the hashtag, many were quick to connect Nadine's posts to blogger Dee Alfaro's Instagram Stories about James' alleged rude behavior, as well as foul comments she claimed to have heard from James' friend Ivan Dorschner.

According to Dee, she saw James in a bar and wanted to take a picture with him. She said, "So, I was out chillin' in the smoking area of the night club and it was actually James Reid himself who I'd spotted first. And of course, I wanted to get a picture with him but also, at the same time, I didn't want to be the fun girl caught up to him asking for a picture, in case he'd turn me down."


The following video, she said, "I kind of waited until two other girls came up to him and approached him and asked for the picture. He wasn't entertaining them at all, he turned them down, obviously, and he just kept having a go at his little fag. So I was like, okay, not a hope." She added that Nadine wasn't with James at the time.

In another video, she went on to share comments Ivan told her that night. She said, "He was basically just talking about the ins and outs of the industry and how bullshit it is. And how Nadine is such a manipulative controling bitch of a girlfriend."

Ivan, who joined ABS-CBN's Pinoy Big Brother the same year as James, gave out a reaction on his own Instagram Stories saying, "Fake news is everywhere. Be careful what you read. Be careful what you believe." It was followed by a message that said, "The devil is in the details."

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Dee has since shared a series of Instagram Stories apologizing for her previous videos. She said she had no intention of hurting anyone's feelings and regrets posting the videos in the first place.


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