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Nam Joo Hyuk's Handwritten Message For Pinoy Fans Will Make Your Heart Melt

Thousands of ladies are requesting a personal delivery!
PHOTO: Instagram/skawngur

Netflix's Start-Up may have long ended, but we're still keeping the series' actors in our hearts. Take Nam Joo Hyuk, for instance. We'll always melt when we see his super cute smile.

On April 10, Saturday, the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC Phil) had a unique way of celebrating its 10th anniversary. They actually had a handwritten message from Joo Hyuk himself! OMG.

"Have a great start [to] the day with the greeting from Nam Joo-hyuk Oppa!" they wrote in a Facebook post. "In celebration of the 10th anniversary of KCC Philippines, Nam Joo-hyuk Oppa delivered the message to the Filipino fans. Thank you, Oppa!"


"Mahal ko kayo, Filipinos!" Joo Hyuk's short but sweet message read, followed by his signature. The photo even had a small bundle of dried flowers. Aww.

The ladies in KCC Phil.'s post got so kilig and treated Joo Hyuk's message as if he had addressed it to them personally. "Mahal ka rin namin!" they replied. A lot of them even joked if Joo Hyuk could deliver the message to their doorstep. LOL.

According to a March 2021 report by Soompi, Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri (who was in Space Sweepers with Song Joong Ki) have been offered roles in a K-drama with the working title Twenty-Five Twenty-One, which takes place between 1998 and 2021. Joo Hyuk will be playing a sports reporter, while Tae Ri will be portraying a fencing athlete. Should they accept the offer, the series will premiere sometime between December and March, during South Korea's winter season.

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