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This Netflix Star Is Our New Cool Girl Crush

Meet Lauren Tsai.
PHOTO: Instagram/laurentsai

There’s a new reality show making waves on Netflix: Terrace House. If you haven’t seen it, think: PBB in Japan meets Netflix. In true Jap fashion, it’s a simplified version of Big Brother wherein six people are simply thrown into one house to live together—that’s it. They just let the rest play out. They can leave the house, go on with their regular lives, go to work or school, use their cellphones and yes, they can even watch the show.

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Naturally, Terrace House became a massive hit and is turning its “housemates” into stars. One standout from the second season though, is Lauren Tsai. A quiet, slightly awkward artist blessed with a model’s face and body, here are a few things you should know about the rising model as well as why she’s the hot new it girl everyone’s talking about.

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19 year-old Lauren Tsai was born in Massachusetts in the US to a Chinese-American dad and an American mom—yes, she’s not even Japanese.

After a life-changing exchange program in school which allowed her to live in Japan for six weeks, she discovered that there’s a whole new world outside of middle school (which she hated, btw).

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Determined to move to Japan, she taught herself how to speak Japanese by watching shows. She then applied to modeling agencies, and somewhere along the way, ended up in Terrace House when the stars aligned and the second season was shot in Hawaii.

As an awkward teen in middle school having a hard time making friends, she turned to art and has been drawing ever since. While everyone else was busy flirting in the house (they’re required to be single to get in), she did her own thing and spent most days honing her craft. She’s now an illustrator who wants to get into the animation scene in the future.

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She had her first showcase where 18 of her works were displayed in an art gallery as aired in the series. She was 18 years-old and yes, you guessed it—she also called it 18.

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As if it’s not enough to be young and talented, she’s now the hot new model everyone is talking about. She now lives in Tokyo year-round!

With her legs for days.

Hot AF bod (she’s vegan).

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Gorgeous face.

And too cool for school style (have you seen anyone look this good in crocs?), no wonder she’s the breath of fresh air the industry needs.

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Naturally, she can do it all from runway shows and print ads, to commercials for leading brands like Uniqlo!

Clearly, she’s a certified model from head-to-toe. We suggest you remember her name because Japan is already obsessed with her, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world follows.

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