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WOW! There’s A New Marvel Superhero—And She’s A Badass Pinay

We feel she and Darna can be friends.
PHOTO: Twitter/Greg Pak

In an announcement by Marvel last February that got fans raving, we found out that a new superhero was set to enter the Marvel Universe. Marvel described her as a “mysterious new Filipino heroine named Wave.”

Now, hot on the heels of Captain Marvel and chasing International Women’s Day, we finally get a peek at Wave, our very own Pinay Marvel hero:

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Korean American filmmaker and comic book writer Greg Pak dropped a pic on his Twitter to finally introduce Wave to her eager Filipino comic series fans. Greg is the writer of the upcoming comic series and according to him, Wave will appear in War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1, which is set to be released in May. The Pinay superhero will be making her Marvel debut alongside Chinese heroes Aero and Sword Master.

Greg gives credit to some of the comic brilliance behind Wave: Leinil Yu, who co-created and designed her; Sunny Gho, who colored the cover;  and Gang-Hyuk Lim, who drew the book. Their combined comic genius gave birth to a badass Pinay heroine weilding what seems like crystal swords and decked in a gold-embellished, black-aqua super suit. We can’t wait to see how her character unfolds and discover how they’ll make her uniquely Filipino.

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Greg is best known for his award-winning feature film Robot Stories, his blockbuster comic book series like Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, and his record-breaking Kickstarter publishing projects with Jonathan CoultonCode Monkey Save World and The Princess Who Saved Herself

Digging through archives and grilling some comic fans, we found out that Wave isn’t the first Philippine Marvel hero. Marvel also introduced a group of heroes from the Philippines in June 2008 called The Triumph Divison.

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