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Nick Jonas Looks To His Love Life As Inspiration For His Music

He's taking cues from Taylor and Adele.

Nick Jonas aims to follow in the footsteps of Taylor Swift by letting his personal relationships influence his art.

The singer recently hit headlines over a reported romance with Kate Hudson, and when asked what he thinks about all the gossip surrounding his love life, Nick just shook them off.

"I think you have to see it that way [laugh it off]," he tells E! News. "For me, I have been doing this long enough to recognize that it's a part of what I do to a certain degree. And learning to just brush it off and stay in your art."

Nick looks to his pal Taylor and chart-topper Adele as examples of writing their relationships into their hit songs.

"And if there are things happening in your life, incorporate it into your art," he continues. "We've seen some great [artists] over time do that. People like Taylor who just live their life and then put it in their music and let it speak. Adele is probably the biggest example.

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"So I hope to be an artist like that and if people pay attention to my personal life, then it's flattering."

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