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Nico Bolzico Is Reminding Guys That A Woman’s ‘Me Time’ Should Always Be Respected

Nico says that a husband’s ‘me time’ can be interrupted by the wife at any time.

ICYDK, Nico Bolzico and wife Solenn Heussaff have been traveling non-stop as of late. Recently, the couple traveled to California with Anne Curtis and husband Erwan Heussaff; and this time, Nico and Solenn are enjoying the beautiful sights Greece has to offer.

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In his latest Instagram post on April 29, Nico said that he has been traveling for two solid weeks with Solenn, and because of that, husbands also deserve their “me time.”

Nico wrote, “Husbands also deserve “me time.” Husbands’ “me time” can be interrupted by the wife at any time without anticipation and pre-advice.”

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While husbands also need their “me time,” it’s the woman’s “me time” that shouldn’t be interrupted.

Nico said, “On the other hand, if you have the courage, valor, nerve, bravery, and #bolz to interrupt her “me time,” then be ready to face a combination of a Black Mamba with a Siberian Tiger and a Brazilian Wandering Spider! Their “me time” is very, very, very important and they need it, so please respect that!”

Nico added a disclaimer that Solenn actually prepared the lovely bubble bath and that he just used it temporarily for the photo. He said, “I don’t do “me time” because my time doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to Pochola, joke lang, it belongs to #Wifezilla, of course!”

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