Nico Bolzico + Solenn Heussaff Are STILL Having The Time Of Their Lives In Argentina

Of course, Nico had his fair share of #BulliedHusband moments.
PHOTO: Instagram/solenn

Well, not really. Yesterday was Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff's last day together in Argentina, and we can't help but feel sad because we've been living vicariously through them for the past two weeks! The couple went for a vacation in Nico's home country and they've been celebrating Nico's birthday, going on adventures, and visiting family.  

They've been doing a lot of horseback riding! 

Nico even let Solenn win a race: 

They've also been dancingA LOT. We see the couple in a restaurant sashaying with strangers, learning how to tango at a stadium, and Nico dancing in their room while Solenn gives him instructions. 

Solenn even made her husband recreate his famous "pelvis dance."

The couple also took a six-hour hike to reach the top of the Perito Moreno Glacier, a famous tourist spot located in Patagonia, Argentina! (Fun fact: It's a growing glacier. As the size increases, the front of the glacier gains large cracks and tourists can hear the cracking and booming as chunks of ice cave off the main glacier.) 

Of course, Nico had his fair share of #BulliedHusband moments. He got "scolded" for double-dipping while they were eating dessert, a moment when Nico claims Solenn became a "minotaur."

Stop it, you guyssss. 

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