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Nico Bolzico On Why He’s Never Won An Argument With Solenn Heussaff

Nico said that arguing with your wife is like arguing with Google.

Dressed as the iconic Street Fighter character Ryu, Nico Bolzico revealed why he has never won an argument with wife Solenn Heussaff.

In an Instagram post on May 13, Nico said, “This is how I feel after naively thinking I won an argument with #Wifezilla, without knowing that I will be hit by reality because she is preparing an answer using facts from 2014 that only she remembers, but if she remembers them, then is the absolute truth and must be accepted as valid, meaning I [lose] the argument one more time.”

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So far, Nico has never won an argument with Solenn.

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Citing fact number 265 from the Bullied Husbands Club handbook, Nico said, “Arguing with your wife is like arguing with Google, they have ALL the facts and they will finish your sentences!”

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