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11 Latest K-Pop Solo Releases We Can't Stop Listening To

Discover new songs that will give you major LSS!
Our Favorite November 2021 K-Pop Solo Releases

It’s time for a K-pop playlist update! November is one packed month of awesome Korean song releases: Aside from the comebacks of our favorite K-pop boy groups and girl groups, let’s check out the songs released by Korean solo artists. Who knows? You might find a hidden gem!

November 2021 K-Pop Solo Releases

1. "I’m Still Here" by Leo (VIXX)

Starting off with a sad ballad, VIXX member Leo sings about remembering the traces of someone you loved which hasn’t faded even though that person has already left. The lyrics talk about remembering the little things you did together like walking on the street and talking with each other, to wondering if you will be able to forget that person—because no matter how hard you try to erase the memories, you can’t move on. It’s a song that breaks your heart as you listen to it but there are also traces of bittersweet feelings like thinking if that person is smiling and living well even if you have gone separate ways already.

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Fave lyrics: "It’s funny that you’re not here but lots of traces shake me and break me down."

The perfect moment to play this song: When it’s 2 a.m. and you’re reminiscing about the happy memories with an ex.

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Watch Leo perform "I’m Still Here" in this Vocals Only Live on the 1theK originals YouTube channel:

2. "Get Set Yo" by MJ (ASTRO) feat. Kim Tae Yeon

ASTRO's MJ brings summer in November with his funky trot solo debut! Like his album title, MJ proves he’s a "happy virus" indeed with simple yet energetic dance steps that are perfect for the next Tiktok video dance trend. MJ also performs "Get Set Yo" in music shows with a colorful delivery service concept. What we would give to have MJ ring the doorbells in our homes! Kim Tae Yeon’s featuring also makes this song extra cute.

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Fave lyrics: "There are so many hardships in this world, but I'll be on your side. In this dark night sky, I'll be your star."

The perfect moment to play this song: When you badly need the motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

Check out MJ’s bright and fun performance with Kim Tae Yeon on Show! Music Core here:

3. Make U Dance by Adora feat. Eunha (VIVIZ)

The first female solo debut on this list is Adora with a very interesting track. The song’s melody is so unique that it feels like it’s telling a whole story all on its own. Coupled with Adora’s gorgeous voice and Eunha’s smooth vocals, "Make U Dance" is such a memorable song that will keep your ears glued from start to end.

Fave lyrics: "Red light. Even the urgently ringing alarm is thrilling. More. Code blue. That black and white world without color is an emergency patient."

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The perfect moment to play this song: When you want to have your own solo dance party in your room.

The music video is equally interesting, too. At first, it seems like they’re showing behind-the-scenes of the actual MV filming with staff even fixing Adora’s hair before the shoot starts. And then something unexpected happens that turns the whole filming site topsy-turvy, but the director seems unfazed and Adora and Eunha continue to sing! Watch the crazy events unfold in the MV here:

4. "Good Night" by Lee Minhyuk a.k.a. HUTA (BTOB)

As expected from healing-dol, BTOB, rapper and producer Lee Minhyuk sings in his digital single which feels like a warm and tight hug after an overwhelming day. Minhyuk’s soft voice is so comforting that it seems like he understands what we find hard to express ourselves. For those of us who face the harsh realities of this world, the lyrics will make you feel like you’re not alone and that you can rest.

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Fave lyrics: "You don’t need to force yourself to smile. It’s alright, really. You don’t need to try so hard. You don’t need to pretend that you are okay, dear."

The perfect moment to play this song: When nothing’s going right and you need a good cry.

The official lyric video is set on a background of busy night streets similar to one’s view while going home from work. Ready your tissues and check it out here:

But, of course, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on Minhyuk’s visuals and live performance. Watch Esquire Korea’s live video here:

5. "Yours" by Jin (BTS)

BTS' ARMY were in for a treat when Jin released a solo OST for the K-drama Jirisan. This heartwarming ballad introduced during episode six of the drama talks about waiting for someone every day that it feels like time has stopped. Jin’s voice amplifies that feeling of pain and longing as days pass by and the person you’re waiting for hasn’t come back.

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Fave lyrics: "Every day you seem too far away. Every time you do, I tell myself I'm waiting right here."

The perfect moment to play this song: When you want to play back your favorite Jirisan scenes in your head.

Watch the "Yours" official MV which features scenes of Jirisan here:

6. "Onion" by Min (former Miss A member) feat. Jang Seok Hoon

Min is back! With her solo release, she sings about a person having different layers like an onion. The lyrics are mostly in English mixed with some Korean which makes this song unique. Jang Seok Hoon’s rap also gives the song a cool vibe. It’s the perfect pick-me-up song when you need to put a smile on your face!

Fave Lyrics: "Baby there are layers to me. You think you know me, but you don’t."

The perfect moment to play this song: When you need a confidence boost and a dash of self-love.

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Check out Min performing "Onion" live with a band here:

7. "Once In A While" by Boramiyu

Boramiyu is truly one of K-pop’s hidden treasures! Her voice pierces right through your heart and hits where it hurts. "Once in a While" makes you reminisce of memories you thought you have forgotten long ago. The song starts off with silent pain but builds to an emotional climax and ends on a sorrowful note. Listening to this will definitely make you want to add all of Boramiyu’s songs to your playlist.

Fave lyrics: "How are you on a night like tonight? Sometimes, do you think of me?"

The perfect moment to play this song: When it’s raining and you’re missing someone.

Watch this special clip of Boramiyu singing "Once in a While":

8. "Cosmos" by B.I.

B.I makes hearts flutter with this song that feels like he is serenading you. The melody sticks in your mind, and we can’t help but sing along to the chorus. You can tell right away that this is self-produced as the song overflows with B.I’s signature musical flavor. We’re definitely loving it!

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Fave lyrics: "Please live and breathe in my imagination like the intangible depth of the unknown galaxies so I can love you forever. You are my cosmos, my universe."

The perfect moment to play this song: When you’re gathering up the courage to confess to your crush.

Check out the "Cosmos" official MV here:

9. "Any Other Way" by Eric Nam

Eric Nam truly never disappoints. This song makes you want to dance even if you’re all alone or better yet, sing at the top of your lungs. Can you imagine this song at an Eric Nam concert with the whole crowd singing? Yep, can’t wait for that to happen, too!

Fave lyrics: "I've always been cynical, but you came in like a miracle ‘cause you made me feel again, breathe again. My heart is finally making sense."

The perfect moment to play this song: When you’re on a road trip with friends or your special someone.

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Watch the "Any Other Way" official MV here:

10. "Last Breath" by Mark Tuan (GOT7)

This angsty breakup song is so good it makes you want to include it in your karaoke song list. Mark sings of being suffocated by a significant other’s childish games that it feels like hands around your throat. He definitely expressed conflicted feelings towards the end of a relationship. Sad.

Fave Lyrics: "Usually don't know how to handle these things. But I'm tryin' my best, can't you tell?"

The perfect moment to play this song: When you’re at the edge of a breakup.

Check out the official MV here:

11. "Stardust" by Younha

Classic and timeless are words that describe Younha’s songs. In "Stardust," the title track of her new album, End Theory, Younha uses the imagery of stars and skies to tell a story of love. Close your eyes when you listen to this song, and it will feel like you are floating in the universe.

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Fave lyrics: "An unintentional collision, a coincidental stardust became a piece of a star and flew to come here."

The perfect moment to play this song: When your heart is overflowing with love.

Watch the "Stardust" official MV here:

November is not yet over but the month is already full of great masterpieces from different genres! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!