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Park Bo Gum Was The Most *Supportive* Fan At The BTS Concert In Hong Kong

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/parkbogumactod, (RIGHT) Instagram/95taehyungkim_

It's not a secret that actor Park Bo Gum is good friends with Kim Taehyung (popularly known as "V") from the K-Pop group BTS. They even post about each other and go on trips together! Look at these adorbs photos from their official Twitter accounts:  


Bo Gum worked on a Coca-Cola commercial with BTS in June 2018, and that's where their friendship apparently started. Check out all the cuteness here: 


This week, Bo Gum proved his support for V and the group even more by attending the BTS Love Yourself Tour in Hong Kong! Thanks to fan videos uploaded on Twitter, we got to see Bo Gum among the sea of ARMYs at the concert. It almost feels like we were there ourselves! 

Here's Bo Gum arriving at the venue, wearing the cutest round glasses and a BT21 Cooky headband around his neck: 

Here he is taking his seat: 

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He even had an ARMY Bomb light stick with him and was spotted holding a banner with V's name on it! 

Bo Gum recently graced us with a dance cover of "What Is Love" by Twice and released the music video for his debut single "Bloomin'" on March 15, 2019! He's also set to visit Manila on April 27, 2019. You can check out ticket deets and seat plans here


See you soon, Bogummy! 

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