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Paul Jake Castillo Goes On A Valentine's Date With A Cosmo Girl!

A lucky member and PBB fan shares a sweet and yummy dinner with this Cosmo Hunk. Get an insider's look!

Way back when Paul Jake Castillo was still inside the Pinoy Big Brother House, user Rhea Barua (a.k.a. patticakes) was already a big fan of this adorable hunk. So when she found out that she won a date with him after joining the Celebrity Chat with the Cosmo Hunk last February 10, she...freaked out.

From the moment we picked her up from work until she climbed up the stairs to meet Paul Jake at the second level of M Cafe in Greenbelt 5, she was, as she admitted, "freaking out." But whatever nervousness she was feeling melted right away when she saw Paul Jake, who snuck up on her and surprised her with a teddy bear as he gave her a peck on the cheek. Rhea must have swooned, not only because she was easily charmed by his handsome looks and his "makwento" personality, but also because he smelled REALLY good (as always!).

Little did Rhea know that Paul Jake was just as nervous as she was! "Kinakabahan din ako! [I was wondering] 'How was I gonna handle the dinner? Ano'ng sasabihin ko?' I actually didn't know what to do. Hindi naman ako masyadong comfortable sa one-on-one [date]. But with her, buti na lang at ease ako with her," Paul Jake reveals to Cosmo.

As their date progressed, they soon felt comfortable with each other, even if it was both their first time to go on a date with someone they didn't know personally.

"As I said before (click here for that interview), it's not [in my personality] to take someone out for dinner na kami lang talaga. It's not me talaga. So ayun, kinakabahan ako. But it was fun. I didn't expect it to be fun. Akala ko, parang eat and run lang, 'cause I'd be boring. Ayun, because of her company, I enjoyed it," Paul Jake says.

It really was an unforgettable night for Rhea because she got to know Paul Jake, up close and personal. It even looked like their conversation got a bit more intimate, as Paul Jake actually shared a little secret with her!

"I don't think I can share what he told me! Pang-blackmail 'yung sinabi niya," she dishes to Cosmo.

She adds, "He is very... nice. And he's not suplado. I think that the most that I learned about him is his love for his family. He's really close to them. That's something [he] already shared with PBB fans when he was in the house. [During our date,] he spoke a lot about his family. And his desires, his dreams, his business ventures, and all that."

She later posted on her Facebook wall, "Adorable. Simply adorable," as a subtle reference to their date.

We couldn't agree more.

Click on "view gallery" below to see photos of this Cosmo girl's super kilig experience with Paul Jake Castillo! Watch for our video coverage of their date to see Paul Jake in 'date action'!

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