Here's Why Peter Kavinsky Is The Best ~Fake~ Movie Boyfriend Ever

This post contains lots of kilig. AND SPOILERS.
PHOTO: To All the Boys I've Loved Before/Netflix

This is Peter Kavinsky. He's on the lacrosse team, he just broke up with a girl named Gen, and he gives great driving advice. He's so adorable he deserves background music (I'm sorry, but Josh who?).

Noah Centineo did such a great job playing the character in To All The Boys I've Loved Before, he managed to make us fall for him the same time (or even before) Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) did.

So. Much. Feels. Here's why Peter K is the teenage boyfriend we all wantand deserve: 

He loves Yakult!  

Also, he will drive across town to the Korean grocery store to buy you these. 

He'll get along with your little sibs. 

No wonder Kitty was Team Peter all the way!

He'll even get along with your dad.  

He'll write you NOTES. Everyday.  

Sure, Peter started writing LJ those notes to make Gen mad, but he obviously meant them, along with all the cute things he actually says to her. 

He's adorably confident...

...but also a little awkward and vulnerable. 

His face when Lara Jean stressed that they were "just pretending." Ouch. 

He'll take photos of you and won't be shy to post them! 

Peter will even make you his phone background; that's how proud he is of you. 

He's clingy. 

Yes, we want to sit next to you on the bus, Peter.  

He'll spin you around in the cafeteria. 

He'll wait for you in a hot tub (in the movie version)! 

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Same, gurl, same.

FINALLY. He won't be scared to tell you he loves you. 

Thank you for existing, Peter Kavinsky! Please be real. 

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