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Pia Wurtzbach And Jeremy Jauncey Mark Their Second Anniversary

'Can’t take my eyes (and ears, and nose, and mind) off you.'
PHOTO: Instagram/piawurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey just marked another milestone in their relationship: their second anniversary!

Pia recently posted a video compiling some of their sweetest moments together, from their many travels around the world to their random goofy selfies.

"Can’t take my eyes (and ears, and nose, and mind) off you," Pia wrote in an IG post. "Happy anniversary, my love. @jeremyjauncey"


Jeremy, meanwhile, talked about how special New Year's Eve is for him and Pia because aside from the holiday festivities, it's also when he and Pia celebrate their anniversary.

"We always spend the first day of the year together, sharing goals and ideas for the next 12 months and enjoying memories from the 12 months that have passed," he explained in an IG post, which featured his photo where Pia doodled herself in.

"Plans had to change last minute this year, but we were together in spirit, supporting each other and reminiscing on another year of laughter and adventures," Jeremy added. "Pia drew herself into my photo in case I forgot what she looked like."

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It looks like the couple will soon be reunited, as Pia left a comment on Jeremy's post.

"See you in a few days, my love," she wrote.


After months of speculation, Jeremy and Pia confirmed they were dating in June 2020. The couple marked the announcement by appearing together on a magazine cover.


In one of photographer BJ Pascual's vlogs, the beauty queen shared that she met Jeremy in a shopping and entertainment hub in the UK. Jeremy asked her to have coffee with him and Pia gave him her number. The rest, as they say, is history.

Happy anniversary, Pia and Jeremy!

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