Pia Wurtzbach's Two-Year-Old Niece Was Born To Be A Star

She is Lara LOVE!

Everyone, meet Lara Wurtzbach Manze.

Two-year old Lara is the daughter of Pia Wurtzbach's younger sister, Sarah.

Lara—who was raised in London—has been frequenting the Philippines in the past months, and it looks like she'll be staying a bit longer with her fam! This means she'll be featured even more on her tita Pia's IG account. #gigil

Here are some of our favorite Lara moments!

Beauty Queen 101 with tita Pia:

"Lara, two, Philippines!"


She's obvs crushing hard on Pia's beau Marlon Stockinger:

Her British accent is just the cutest!

This cutie was also hooked on the "Energy Gap" songjust like the rest of us.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

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