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This Pinay Fangirl Shares Why She Took A Deep Dive Into The BL Drama Fandom

'Binawi nila yung stress natin sa pandemic na 'to.'

Boys' Love (BL) dramas have had loyal followers for several years now, but it was only in 2020specifically when the world went on lockdownthat they became a wildly popular phenomenon. Jezah, 23, is a Filipina living in Bangkok, Thailand and considers herself a BL fan who's a "product of the pandemic." She's only been a fan for six months but already stans a slew of BL drama couples: TayNew, KristSingto, OffGun, BrightWin, MeanPlan, PerthSaint, and BounPrem. But the Top 1 couple in her heart is none other than BrightWin of the mega-hit BL drama, 2gether: The Series. "They gave us the phenomenal series of 2020," Jezah says of her faves. "Binawi nila yung stress natin sa pandemic na 'to. Nakaka-proud sila na nakikita mo lang sila diyan na ang humble humble nila."


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Literally living in the center of the BL world, Jezah has access to all the merch she can get her hands on and she's used her fangirling to help out other Filipino fans as well. Apart from being an English teacher, she double hats as a BL merch supplier for Pinoys. "From the first batch, I just had 30 customers. And then hanggang sa dumami nila sila na dumami, kasi nga nakikita nila ako yung nakakapunta doon sa [GMMTV office]," Jezah explains. "I am the one who contacts suppliers, just like GMMTV. [On] the customer's part naman, they just need to order from me via message, like a DM or message on Facebook."

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Being in Bangkok also makes it so much easier for Jezah to meet her idols, and she actually has had many up-close encounters with them! To know more about Jezah's fangirling life in Thailand, check out the Fangirl Diaries Episode 12 below:

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Are you also a fan of BL dramas? Share your fave memories in the comments section!


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VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. Lopez, Andie Estella, Louise Ferrer, and Lily Grace Tabanera

VIDEO EDITED BY: Andie Estella

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