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Fans Are Listening To 'Ikakasal Ka Na' To *Cope* With EXO Chen's Upcoming Wedding

'Sa mga nandito dahil kay Jongdae, we're all in this together.'
PHOTO: Instagram/weareone.exo

On January 13, news broke out that Chen (Kim Jongdae) from K-pop boy band EXO is expecting a child with his non-showbiz girlfriend and that they're getting married. Chen also wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans who were understandably shocked and ~just a little~ heartbroken after the announcement. 

Well, here's what Pinoys are doing to cope with the news: They're listening to "Ikakasal Ka Na" by Jessa Zaragoza! Lyrics from this popular OPM song include: "Ikakasal ka na/Iiwan na akong nag-iisa/Dati ang pag-ibig mo ay akin lamang/Ikakasal ka na." 

The song's lyric video on YouTube is currently flooded with comments related to Chen. One fan wrote: "Sa mga nandito dahil kay Jongdae, we're all in this together."  Another comment reads: "Jongdae, this song is for you. We're hurt but we're happy. We love you and we will still support you. Congrats!

Someone even offered to sing at his wedding! "Chen, willing akong kumanta sa kasal mo basta ito kakantahin ko!" 

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One particularly *heartbroken* fan commented: "Hi Chen, ako nga pala yung sinayang mo.

Stay strong, guys! 

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