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Dads We Love In Pinoy TV And Movies

Here's to celebrating our favorite fictional fathers!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Northern Lights: A Journey to Love/Star Cinema, (RIGHT) A Love To Last/ABS-CBN Entertainment

This Father's Day, as we celebrate how awesome our own real-life dads are, let's recognize some of Pinoy TV and movies' most memorable fictional dads.

1. Anton Noble IV, A Love To Last

Anton (Ian Veneracion) is the CEO of a big tech company whose wife, Grace (Iza Calzado), left him. After their annulment was finalized, Anton had to play dad AND mom to his three kids Chloe (Julia Barretto), Lucas (JK Labajo), and Kitty (Hannah Lopez Vito).

What makes him an stand-out dad: Anton was heartbroken when his wife left, but the change didn't just affect him, it also affected his kids very much. They felt abandoned by their mom and insecure about what was going to happen to their family. So Anton had to forget about his own sadness and he made every effort to make sure his kids felt loved. As time passed, he proved to be a dad his kids could talk to and relate to—someone they loved and respected.

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2. Geoff Victorio, The Unmarried Wife

Geoff (Dingdong Dantes) was by no means perfect, although he seemed to be at first. He was gorgeous, had a stable career, was married to a beautiful woman (Angelica Panganiban), and had a super-cute son. But one night at work when he was feeling down and vulnerable, he cheated on his wife—a mistake that proved to be the biggest of his life.

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What makes him a stand-out dad: While he was certainly not a faithful husband, Geoff always made sure to be there for his son. He was a devoted dad who always had his son's best interests at heart. When his ex-wife's new boyfriend put his son in a dangerous situation, he was the hero who protected his son and beat up the bad guy.

3. Charlie Sr., Northern Lights: A Journey to Love

Charlie (Piolo Pascual) is a Pinoy immigrant living a carefree life in Alaska. His life suddenly changed when his young son also named Charlie (Raikko Mateo) unexpectedly arrived for a vacation. Charlie Sr. did not know the first thing about being a father and ended up paying more attention to their AirBNB tenant (Yen Santos).

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What makes him a stand-out dad: When Charlie Sr. realized that his son wanted to go back home because he felt unwanted, he knew he had to make the effort to get to know his kid better and learn how to be a good father. An unexpected twist also brought them closer together, and he realized that his son is truly the best gift he had in his life.

4. Jude, My Dear Heart

The story of My Dear Heart starts with Jude (Zanjoe Marudo) not knowing that he got his girlfriend, Gia (Ria Atayde), pregnant. His girlfriend's mom (Coney Reyes) hated Jude and made a way for Gia to think that her baby daughter died at birth. But the daughter was very much alive, stolen by a nurse who was intending to sell the baby. As luck would have it, the nurse panicked and accidentally gave the baby to Jude, the baby's biological dad! So Jude adopted the baby and treated her as his own, not knowing that he was actually taking care of his biological daughter.

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What makes him a stand-out dad: Jude raised the daughter he named Heart (Nayomi Ramos) together with his best friend-turned-wife Clara (Bela Padilla). While they had a happy life, it was not at all easy, because Heart was discovered to have a heart condition. They were not rich, so Jude had to work double time to buy Heart’s meds and get the necessary treatments.

5. Ybrahim/Ybarro, Encantadia

Ybrahim/Ybarro (Ruru Madrid) and Amihan (Kylie Padilla) conceived their child Lira (Mikee Quintos) through a collective dream. He wasn't around much as Lira was growing up because he didn't know at first that he had a child with Amihan. But when he found out, he tried his best to have a relationship with her.

What makes him a standout dad: When Lira was endangered because of a curse, Ybrahim sacrificed the trust of the Sang'gres of Lireo and even put his life at risk to save his daughter.

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6. Uno, Just The 3 of Us

Uno (John Lloyd Cruz) was a pilot gunning for captainship, and fatherhood was certainly the last thing on his mind. But one drunken night, he met CJ (Jennylyn Mercado), a flight attendant in training, and their one-night stand got CJ pregnant.

What makes him a standout dad: Even if he had his doubts at first, Uno embraced his role as future dad of CJ's baby. He had something to prove, after all. He would not be like his own dad who abandoned him when his mother died giving birth to him. He wanted to make sure his child would be wanted, loved, and cared for.

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