Piolo Pascual Talks To Cosmo About His BODY

The hot leading man shows off his bod in Men’s Health’s January 2010 issue and chats with Cosmo about his fitness regimen, fat days, and guilty pleasures!
We can’t think of any local mag that wouldn’t want Piolo Pascual on its cover. Even Cosmopolitan has featured the perennial leading man on the cover of its May 2007 10th anniversary issue and February 2009 issue with then-leading lady Angel Locsin. He has been paired with so many beautiful actresses in the span of his long showbiz career, most recently with KC Concepcion (with whom he is rumored to have a relationship) in Lovers In Paris, but Papa Piolo’s appeal will never wane in the Pinay population’s eyes!

That’s why it didn’t come as a surprise that Men’s Health Philippines would want to get a 'share' of the Piolo pie as well. “Piolo’s been on our shortlist for a long time now. The challenge was really scheduling [the shoot],” Men’s Health Philippines editor-in-chief Agu Paiso says. And with Piolo’s ridiculously ripped abs to consider, it seems that his body practically belongs on a Men’s Health cover. “His lifestyle itself makes him the perfect Men’s Health cover guy,” Agu continues.

See Piolo on the cover of Men’s Health Philippines’ January 2010 issue, out now in bookstores and newsstands nationwide. Find out more about the body and fitness regimen of the buff birthday boy (he’s turning 33 on January 12) in the Q & A below, and click on the ‘view gallery’ button to see scenes from the press conference launching Men’s Health’s January 2010 ish.

Q: What was the inspiration for your Men’s Health cover story?

A: "Ang peg namin was Fight Club. When I got the pegs, I really got intimidated because the first photo I got in my email was a photo of Brad Pitt (laughs). They gave me at least a few weeks to prepare."

Q: How did you prepare for the shoot?

A: "[I just did] my regular exercise. What I do actually is change my program in the gym every three months para hindi masanay. Then my diet has always been the same. I don’t eat pork and beef, no rice. Last year I started running. Sinama ko ‘yung running sa cardio ko. Other than that, it’s always been the same for so many years. I eat a lot of sweets, that’s why I have to work out everyday."

Q: What's your secret to staying young and good-looking (even though you're past the big 3-0)?

A: "First of all, I think it’s faith. Loving life. Keeping it simple. Having a positive outlook in life. It’s important that you know what’s good for you and what’s not, so you do things that are beneficial to your health and avoid stuff na nagkakaroon ng negative reaction sa body mo. And I just have to say na it pays to read the Bible everyday and understand what life is really about and how to live life."

Q: Do you also have 'fat days'?

A: "Oh yeah, nung wala akong workout for three weeks. I was eating halo-halo every single day for two weeks for merienda, then buffet for every meal. I slept with a bulging stomach. For so many days, that’s how I felt."

Q: We know how disciplined you are when it comes to taking care of your body, but do you also have guilty pleasures?

A: "Sweets. I love sweets, cakes, and ice cream. I love chocolates a lot."

Can’t get enough of Piolo? Watch for CosmoTV’s exclusive video interview with the Men’s Health cover boy, where he talks more about fitness, food, and fame!
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