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Plan A Unique Party In These Movie-Inspired Theme Rooms!

Tired of the usual bland venues? Looking for a new place to throw a private event? Check out these gorgeous rooms for an unforgettable party.

Everyone loves to party. Dancing to loud music, basking in strobe lights, lounging on chic seats at the hottest venues. But, regular partying can get old quick if you're always at the same locations. If you're ready for a change in scenery (or are just plain curious about the buzz that's been circulating the party crowd), check out the themed rooms at Victoria Court.

We're sure you've seen the recognizable signs--the cryptic black and white logo of a woman imploring silence with a finger over her lips. We're sure you're quite familiar with the famous local accommodation, with its 15 branches across the metro and an established name in the motel industry. It is accredited by the Department of Tourism and has the distinction of being the only ISO Certified motel in the country. Though it is most known as a romantic rendezvous point for couples, it has also been host to some of the best kept private parties in the metro. Even celebs have gotten in on the action, with photo shoots and music videos often taking place in one of the luxury rooms.

Whether you're planning a bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday, barkada reunion, or a simple weekend getaway, there's a Victoria Court branch nearby with the ideal party settting for you. Every year, they develop new impressive theme rooms, such as the Austin Powers and Iron Man-inspired suites. This year, they're highlighting their grandest, most luxurious rooms known as their "Big 3."

The first of the "Big 3" is the Moulin Rouge suite, which is ideal for you hopeless romantics out there. Plan an anniversary dinner or a fancy cocktail party with your friends where you can re-enact the musical in its glitzy, glamorous, and whimsical ambiance and with the fully-equipped sound system. The second is the Venice suite, which is great for aspiring travelers who want a taste of Italy. After climbing up a spiraling stone staircase, you'll be in awe upon seeing the classical art pieces that surround the room. It's perfect for sophisticated events and get-togethers, and you can even sit in a floating gondola! The third featured room is the Oval Office suite, a fun and quirky room that replicates the headquarters of the most powerful man in America. Families are fond of booking this room for reunions, and businessmen also enjoy having meetings in this engaging setting.

Other than the three highlighted rooms, there are many others to choose from for an unforgettable night out. Gather your girlfriends for a diva night at the Marilyn Monroe room, where you can revel in the glamour of rose-filled bedframes and Old Hollywood vanity tables. Live out your ultimate fantasy with a sci-fi/superhero costume party in The Matrix and X-Men themed rooms, which are complete with replica props from the films! All rooms have entertainment systems that you can customize with your own music or movies, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity and gourmet room service.

Check out the Victoria Court website to find out which themed rooms are at a branch near you, as well as party packages and discount promos. Click on the gallery button below to view photos from our tour of Victoria Court Hillcrest in Pasig City, and peek inside the exciting rooms that will bring to life any party you have in mind!

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