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Priyanka Chopra Waving A Bra At A Jonas Brothers Concert Is A Total Mood

'Cause hugs are overrated, just FYI.
PHOTO: John Kopalopff/Getty Images

Now that the Jonas Brothers have given us the reunion we hoped for all these years, they're back onstage like the good ol' days. Except, is anyone else missing the times when they'd show off their biceps in sleeveless shirts? Ah, memories. Anyway, along with the rest of the world, Priyanka Chopra is just as excited about this news and showed her support by waving around a bra.

On Sunday, Priyanka went to her first-ever JoBros show, and it was truly a magical experience. Priyanka shared a couple of photos of her with the whole Jonas family and said how proud she was of them, but it's the photos and videos fans captured that really deserve your attention.

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Thanks to a fan account dedicated to Nick and Priyanka's "global domination," we all get to bear witness to the moment when Priyanka took a lace bra and swung it around her head at the concert. And if you're wondering how exactly she managed to do that, it's safe to say the bra was not hers.

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Here's the moment she found it on the ground, probably with a hint of someone else's boob sweat on it:

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Here she is swinging it:

And here she is fully leaving with said bra in tow:

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While it may seem weird that Priyanka took this stray bra and waved it around as if it were hers to begin with, according to another video posted by the account, she was "collecting fan msgs for the hubby" and was happy to bring the bra backstage. What a saint.


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