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Why You Should *Totally* Watch Netflix's 'The Old Guard'

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Usually, the people at Cosmo US use their WTF You Just Watched column to discuss movies and TV shows that baffled them in a bad way. You know, the kind of thing that makes you say, "Uh... did I miss something here?" as the credits roll. But this is about a movie that surprised us in the best way. It's Netflix's The Old Guard, a movie that follows a group of immortals as they try to avoid capture and save the world, and it kicks almost every other superhero movie's ass.

I will say I'm not usually that into movies based on comic books. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them, they're just not my usual cup of tea. Like, some people don't like period films. That's totally their right. It's just a personal preference! However, this movie was different enough that it might have changed my opinion on this entire section of movies. The Old Guard has, on top of really great action, awesome characters I actually liked watching. It stands out in the genre, and I liked it way more than I anticipated.

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The best thing about it is that it's lead by two women. Charlize Theron and KiKi Layne play Andy and Nile, two of the immortal warriors, and they absolutely dominate this movie. The men who are there are basically just accessories to them. I'm not saying I can't watch movies with men in the lead roles. Thanks to Hollywood's general sexism, I've been doing it my whole life! But it's refreshing to have two women be unapologetically powerful. Theron and Layne have a total mentor/mentee thing going that really works, and we normally see with two dudes.

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The movie did leave some major unanswered questions, though, which (let's hope) can be resolved in a sequel.

Unanswered questions:

  • Is Nile's family really just going to never find out what happened to her? The movie discussed why the immortals can't be close to anyone, but shouldn't we at least see what this does to her family? Some more backstory would be great.
  • Will Booker actually stay away from the others for 100 years? That feels unlikely, even though it's meant to be a punishment.
  • Will Andy even survive until the next movie? At the end of this one, she's starting to recover slower and slower. It seems like she knows what's coming for her.
  • And the mother of all questions: Is Quynh going to join the other immortals, or will she and Booker team up and do their own thing? Is she pissed at Andy for letting her go all those years ago when those people tortured her? How the hell did she get out of that coffin on the bottom of the ocean? And how long was she even down there?
  • If she was alive and free this whole time, why didn't she try to track down Andy and the others?
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    Thankfully, the man who wrote the comic book behind this movie imagined it as a trilogy, so with any luck, we'll get these answers sometime soon.


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