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Ramon Bautista's 5 Savvy School Tips For College Chicks

This funny celeb leads a double life as a film professor in UP and he wants to help YOU become a better student! Be amused once more.

If you've only seen him on TV, heard him on the radio, or checked him out on the Internet, then chances are, you know Ramon Bautista as that hilarious celebrity with all the zany antics. If you're a film student at the University of the Philippines, though, you know Ramon Bautista as "Sir," because—get this—he's one of your professors!

That's right, he's actually a teacher by day, and he says he can be pretty "strict"! You won't know how true that is until you take one of his classes, but all the same, Cosmo asked him for advice to help you do better in school, and he gave us some very solid, teacherly tips! Ramon says:

  1. "Books before boys!"

  2. "You can make up for having a lack of social life in school when you get a superb job after finishing college."

  3. "Don't be limited by your reading list. Read a lot more, use Google and YouTube, and learn outside the classroom."

  4. "School is not only for learning things from books but also a place to observe social relations and how to relate with people."

  5. "Never give up on school."
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Check out our exclusive interview with Ramon Bautista when you click on this link.
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