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So Many People Are Passing Out While Watching This Creepy Movie

SCARY sh*t.
PHOTO: YouTube/Focus World

If you’re a complete coward like me and you cover your face every time a trailer of a scary movie comes on without warning, then this is the stuff of nightmares.

Raw, a critically acclaimed French film, is going viral for the worst possible reason: People are apparently passing out during screenings of the movie, but that’s not all—they’re being rushed to the hospital! 

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If you haven’t heard of Raw, it’s the story of a young vegetarian who slowly turns into a cannibal. Despite all the blood and gore, Raw has been hailed as brilliant because even with the violence, "it isn’t interested in shock value. Every torn piece of flesh, every grisly bite wound, is a literal representation of the emotional and mental scars we collect as we grow up."

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Can you handle it? Here’s the trailer:

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