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5 Reasons Why We're So Excited To Watch 'Hello, Love, Goodbye'

For one thing, Kathryn and Alden's preparations were INTENSE!
PHOTO: Hello, Love, Goodbye/ABS-CBN Star Cinema

Star Cinema's newest film, Hello, Love, Goodbye, hits theaters on July 31. The film has been making headlines not just because of lead characters Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards' surprise pairing, but also because of the trailer, which is giving everyone all the feels!

Here's why we can't wait to see it on the big screen: 

1. This is Kathryn and Alden's first project together. 

Actually, this is also their first big romantic film without their usual love team partners! And if you watched the trailer, their onscreen chemistry is just so apparent.

In Hello, Love, Goodbye, Kathryn plays the role of Joy, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Hong Kong who has big dreams for her family. Alden is Ethan, also an OFW, a guy who relentlessly pursues Joy and wants to be with her. We're looking forward to lots of cute kilig moments and dramatic scenes!  

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2. All the hugot lines are just so relatable!

These include "I'll take whatever you can give," "Kung mahal mo ko, bakit pinapapili mo ako?" and "Sorry, I don't love you." GOLD. In fact, we've been seeing these quotes in memes and tweets already! 

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3. We wanna see more of Maymay Entrata! 

Based on the trailer, it's Maymay's character who gives Ethan Joy's number, which leads to them getting to know each other better. OMG, it's Maymay the matchmaker! According to the actress, her role in the movie reminded her so much of her own mom, who worked as an OFW for many years.   

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4. The soundtrack is TDF. 

The song we hear in the trailer is called "Kung 'Di Rin Lang Ikaw," a popular collab between Moira De La Torre and December Avenue. The emotional track talks about trying not to fall in love with a person if he or she isn't sure that they'll be together until the end.

We're looking forward to more songs like this in the movie! For now, we're gushing over the original music video: 

5. Lastly, we appreciate the new love team's hard work and preparation. 

Kathryn learned how to clean toilets and give pedicures for her role as Joy. Plus, she was banned from texting or talking to Daniel Padilla *gasp* during their time in Hong Kong! During a press con, her fellow cast members also revealed that Director Cathy Garcia-Molina stopped them from speaking to Kathyrn too much, to help her internalize and get into the role. 

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Alden, on the other hand, lost weight and shed around 20 pounds just for the film! Direk Cathy was all praises for both actors, saying that she was proud of them for their performances even though she *gave them a hard time.*

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