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Reese Lansangan's *Open Letter To The Universe* Is Part Of NASA's New Campaign

'Space, oh how you baffle human race...'
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/reeseypeasy

On May 20, Pinay singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan shared a video from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which featured her *creation* "A Song About Space!" The video is part of NASA's new #LaunchAmerica social media campaign. 

Reese's tweet reads: "When a song you wrote about space and exploration seven years ago makes it to NASA...I am OVER the moon (pun intended) and I don't think I'll ever get over it. Here's to endless discovery (and the hope that my music makes it to the ISS  too)!"

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"A Song About Space" is Reese's *open letter to the universe*. In a 2016 video, she said, "I feel like a lot of us have that innate fascination for space and what's beyond us, what's beyond the earth. And I just wanted to translate my curiosity into a simple but catchy song." 

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She added: "The whole outro of the song is a rundown of trivia about planets and the solar system. A student tweeted me once, she was thanking me for writing the song because she was able to use the song to answer the bonus questions of her science exam."  

Listen to the full song (first posted in 2013!) below: 

On IG, Reese shared more *feels* about the feature, saying: "I'm sure every kid's ambition at some point is to become an astronaut, a person of the stars. Space inspires fantasy and aspiration in all of us, and every single night we look up at the sky we are reminded of how small we are in the context of infinity." 

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"My mom told me that when my other song 'An Opportunity to Go to the Moon' was released, she said a prayer hoping that NASA would somehow notice my little ode to that heavenly body. It's truly overwhelming to see how God hears (and answers) the small desires of our hearts. It's equally amazing how my Mom thought of asking this for me...It's a big deal to me that my music was recognized by NASA, a presence that has inspired so many creative passion projects I've had over the years." 

29-year-old Reese released her first album, Arigato, Internet!, in 2015. Her latest single is called "My Sweet Hometown", a song for "those of you missing your homebe it a place, a person, or a feeling." 

Congrats, Reese! 


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