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5 Times Sung Bo Ra From 'Reply 1988' Was Our Spirit Animal

Nope, she's not just the *masungit* older sister.

Sung Deok Sun may be the main character in our fave K-drama Reply 1988, but one young female who really stood out for us is her ~sometimes~ scary older sister Sung Bo Ra, played by Ryu Hye Young!

In the show, Bo Ra is a college student at Seoul University. She RARELY smiled, but that didn't mean she wasn't lovable! Here, we listed down some Bo Ra moments we can totally relate to:   

1. When she fought for what she believed in, no matter what other people said. 

Bo Ra would join protests along with her schoolmates. In the '80s, Korean university students were very active in street demonstrations against issues such as human rights violations and corruption, which would sometimes become violent. Their dad even locked Bo Ra inside the house (!!!) just to protect her, but Bo Ra still found a way to make her voice heard—that's how much she loved her country.

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2. When she was the *brutally honest* character we needed. 

Yup, it was kinda mean when she told Jin Ju that Santa Claus didn't exist just because the kid didn't want to share a snack with her. But Bo Ra was always practical, especially during that episode where Dong Ryong ran away from home because he felt neglected by his mom. She reminds him to "check his privilege," saying that at least his family had money to buy him the things he wants, as opposed to her sister Deok Sun who has been wearing the same shoes for years. Sometimes we all need someone to tell us the truth, even though it stings. 

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3. When she was a true ate who bullied her siblings but secretly loved them. 

Bo Ra's squabbles with Deok Sun would often get *physical*, and she was sooo protective of her clothes, makeup, and gadgets. But deep down, Bo Ra cared for her sister a lot. Case in point: When she pretended not to care but actually listened through a wall when Deok Sun appeared on TV for the Olympics! 

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4. Whenever Bo Ra shed her tough exterior and became a total softie.  

She complained a lot and made a big fuss whenever she was asked to do an errand, but remember when she offered to give Sun Woo's mom a ride even though she was supposed to be with her friends? And whenever she had emotional moments with her dad? I mean...her wedding was one of the most emotional K-drama scenes ever. Bo Ra unnie made us cry so much!

5. When she was totally fragilebut only for Sun Woo. 

Admit it, there's that one person you can totally be your "real self" around, someone whom you're willing to show all your vulnerabilities to. That was Sun Woo for Bo Ra! Sun Woo was the person who saw through her "scary" personality and pursued her even though Bo Ra initially told him that they should just be friends. She would always get kilig whenever he called! 

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