Rhian Ramos Opens Up About Sexual Harassment: 'It's NOT The Woman's Fault.'

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PHOTO: Instagram/whianramos

1 In an Instagram post, Kapuso actress Rhian Ramos revealed that she recently experienced sexual harassment during a night out with friends. Stunned, she initially didn't know how to handle the situation. When her friends confronted the man, he denied it. Eventually, he knelt down to ask for forgiveness, but grabbed Rhian once again before running away. Here's the entire story:

We echo Rhian's sentiments: "EVEN IF I had been scantily dressed, it is NOT the woman's fault that a guy would treat her that way...These things happen everywhere, all the time, and I want to speak to all of the people that this situation represents. To remind women to not question themselves."

2 International K-Pop sensation Sandara Park celebrated her 32nd birthday in the Philippines! Over the weekend, Dara held her birthday bash at the Palace Pool Club, and as expected, her closest friends in the industry joined in on the fun. 

3 Here's a BTS of Kendall Jenner's LA PERLA lingerie campaign! Kenny always slays!

4 John Legend's feel-good music video for "Love Me Now" is exactly what you need to listen to if you need a little boost (it is Monday after all). 

5 Looks like Instagram is following in Facebook's footsteps because soon, you'll be able to live stream a video on IG as well! CEO Kevin Systrom discussed the live video feature with the Financial Times: "Live is really exciting for us. I think it can enhance what we’re doing. If I’m trying to strengthen relationships with someone I love, them streaming video to me live would be an amazing way to be closer to them."

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