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Rica Peralejo Opens Up About Struggles After Baby Manu Got Surgery For Lip And Tongue Tie


Rica Peralejo recently shared their family struggles after newborn baby Manu got minor surgery for lip and tongue tie. According to Healthline, lip tie is the condition when the tissue behind the upper lip is too thick or stiff, while tongue tie is when the tissue under the tongue is too short, tight, or stiff. Together, they can make breastfeeding difficult for babies.

Treatment depends on the severity of the condition. In Manu’s case, doctors advised that the one-month-old baby undergo surgery. The ordeal had the family struggling with sleepless nights and nursing problems, as Rica and husband Joseph Bonifacio take care of Manu and their five-year-old son, Philip.


The good news is that things are getting better, as Rica recently shared. “It was a fairly good night. He was sleeping two-to-four-hour stretches last night compared to being awake every hour and not wanting to be put down.”

She said, “Here we go with the normal newborn schedule, with added challenges for us because we had lip and tongue tie revision that brought us back to square one of our nursing journey. We’re doing lots of reassuring actions and therapy, communicating that we love him and that we are sorry he had to get the surgery.”

Rica said it’s the little moments that give her a much-needed boost. “One day I noticed him trust me, smile at me, and find refuge in me all over again, and that’s a win! That’s enough to propel me forward. That’s my dose of oxytocin that combats the cortisol from rejection and overall stress.”

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