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Wow, Richard Gutierrez Planned An Epic Off-Grid Outdoor Trip For Sarah Lahbati's 28th Birthday

Sarah described the weekend as 'epic and magical.'

For Sarah Lahbati's 28th birthday, her hubby Richard Gutierrez planned one exciting off-grid weekend with kids Zion and Kai!

Richard, who posted a sweet birthday greeting for Sarah wrote, "The stars aligned for an epic birthday adventure. You know how much you mean to me, Zion and Kai, we love you."

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Several days after their trip, Sarah shared on Insta that Richard asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and the actress’ request was a simple one: "Sunlight, nature, and fresh air, please. Though, I also don't wanna make a fuss and plan things so let's just prepare a nice dinner at home with the kids and order my favorite cake."

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Sarah said, "I've always been sort of an adventurer. Emphasis on sort of. Given a choice, leaning towards comfort and relaxation will most often be my go-to choice, lol."

She said that a few days before her birthday, Richard planned the family's first off-roading and off-the-grid trip at Bulod Campsite in Tanay, Rizal. 

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The actress wrote, "What was meant to be a chill weekend turned into an adventurous, soulful and unforgettable trip. I long for us all to breathe fresh air, spend time in nature, and to see the kids run around freely… You gave me everything I asked for and more."

Thanking Richard for the epic birthday surprise, Sarah added, "Thank you for always pushing me to try new things. For constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone in the best ways and for giving me the best experiences anyone could ask for."

Sarah described the trip as "epic and magical." She wrote, "From bumpy and muddy roads to fresh air, mountains, and rivers."

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Making things even sweeter, Richard posted a video that captured Sarah's epic birthday weekend. The actor wrote, "Life is about the journey and I can overcome the toughest roads as long as you are beside me."