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Who Watched The 'Riverdale' Season 1 Finale?

Our feels + what we'd like to see in season 2!
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As fans of the show, we waited with bated breath for the last two episodes of Riverdale. When Netflix released the series this year, it raised a lot of eyebrows because it completely rebooted the comics. Even with the controversial 13 Reasons Why momentarily stealing the spotlight, Archie and the gang are still our favorite #squadgoals.

What we loved about the entire series:

1. The characters are multi-dimensional.

The only elements they got from the original comics are the character names and some nuances. And that's okay. We're over the fact that it's not the Riverdale of our childhood. Otherwise, the characters would be cookie cutter, with repetitive catch phrases straight from the comics. We started liking Veronica Lodge over Betty Cooper in the first few episodes, but soon found ourselves warming up more to Betty, especially when Bughead happened. Mid-season, Archie became the subject of our hatred, only to redeem himself in episode 13 when he rescued Cheryl Blossom from drowning herself in the icy Sweet Water River.

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2. The color coordination.

They paid attention to every detail of each family's wardrobe, down to their accessories and makeup. For the Blossoms, it was all about red and spider brooches (to signify power). For the Lodges, it was black and chic (like most moneyed New Yorkers). For the Coopers, it was pleasant pastels (typical suburban next-door neighbors). And for the troubled Joneses, their clothes were often plaid and rugged. Riverdale's costume designer revealed that these colors were intentionally used to inspire conspiracy theories.

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3. They went beyond the whodunit formula.

In the beginning it seemed like a Twin Peaks/Pretty Little Liars blueprint, where the main goal is to figure out the killer. But when episode 12 revealed what many sleuth viewers had already suspected—that Clifford Blossom killed his son Jason—it felt almost non-cathartic. We then found ourselves drawn to other aspects of the show aside from Jason's death.

What we really thought of the final episode:

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There were too many ingredients in one stew. It's as if they realized too late that they have only one episode left, so they crammed this Scooby Doo chase with multiple plotlines and cliffhangers. With so many details packed into one finale, some of the intense scenes didn't have time to sizzle and sink in—like Jughead's life at the South Side with a new foster family (He has the potential to be the alpha teen of South Side), Cheryl's breakdown (Finally, some humanity!), and the dramatic burning down of Thornhill Estate (cut too short).

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Other useless observations we're dying to share:

1. Are there other beauty junkies out there noticing the Covergirl product placements?

2. OMG, Jughead finally ate a burger in episode 13! They even celebrated with Pop Tate's signature milkshakes in a campy scene. The comic strip purists will love this part. 

3. Hurrah for Hotdog the dog! In the comics, Hotdog is Jughead's loyal pooch. The scruffy fella finally appeared as a pet of a Serpent member. It's too bad Hotdog didn't seem to like Juggie in their first meeting. But things can change in season 2.

4. Why oh why did the producers delete Ross Butler's epic final scene as Reggie Mantle?

5. Where can we buy a candelabra like Cheryl's? We want to hold it theatrically next to a fireplace.

What we'd like to see in season 2:

1. An in-depth look into Betty's dark side, and a cameo from her long-lost 25-year-old brother. We agree with Veronica; he's probably hot!

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2. A visit from Miss Grundy. We need to know what happened to her and her red, heart-shaped sunnies.

3. Hiram Lodge played by Mark Consuelos. Another former-teen-heartthrob-now-playing-Riverdale-parent added to the roster? Yes, please!

4. Polly's twins. It's time for a new set of twins to steal the spotlight.

5. Cheryl's takeover. After that disturbing pyromaniac ending, Cheryl is finally showing her mom who's boss. We hope she didn’t burn down her entire wardrobe and brooch collection.

6. Jughead the Serpent. Will Bughead survive now that Juggie's sporting that leather jacket? Will he use his Serpent connections to rescue his father FP from prison? #TeamBughead, keep your fingers crossed.

7. The new Reggie Mantle. Boo to Ross Butler giving up his role for "other projects"[clue: 13 Reasons]. They just announced that the new Asian-American hottie taking his place is… Charles Melton. What say you, CGs?

8. Will Fred Andrews survive the shooting? Whodunit? Wait, another whodunit angle?!

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9. Will Archie's character go dark as he tries to solve his father's shooting? And if so, will he sing darker songs?

10. On second thought, can we please leave the singing to Josie? The heroic Archie broke his hand when punching the ice to retrieve Cheryl's drowning body, so maybe it's time to take a guitar break. Let Josie and the Pussycat Dolls have the stage to themselves. Sorry, Archiekins. You're still hot, though.

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