Wow, This Guy Could Be Ryan Reynolds + Ryan Gosling's Long-Lost Triplet

Our eyes (and hearts) are confused!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Sean Thorton/, (RIGHT) Instagram/shaunbirley

We've known for a while now that Hollywood celebs Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are basically long-lost twins. Even Ryan (Reynolds)'s wife Blake Lively thinks so! But now we found another ~member~ of the family, thanks to Solenn Heussaff's Instagram post where she announced that she'd found her very own Ryan Reynolds. 

Well, we started digging and we've found out that his name is Shaun Birley and he's from Australia. The similarities are freaky.  

Here's Ryan Reynolds:  

And here's Shaun: 

Here's Ryan Gosling: 

And here's Shaun: 

Shaun is an Australian model, influencer, and entrepreneur (he owns a shipping company) who travels all over the world. He's in his late twenties (yeah, we checked), he's got almost a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, and he's worked with brands such as Uniqlo, Hennessy, and Lamborghini. 

Here are photos of him in Paris, China, Greece, and Australia!

And OMG. As we speak, he's actually here in the Philippines! Here's Shaun riding a jeepney in Makati: 

Your feed has been blessed. You're welcome. 

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