Successful Singer, Actress, And Producer Selena Gomez Is Also An Intern

Luckily, there are no coffee orders on her to-do list.
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Selena Gomez is a chart-topping pop singer, a Hollywood actress, Netflix producer, and fashion designer. But right now, the job that seems closest to her heart is her unpaid internship/ volunteer work with A21—a nonprofit organization that seeks to "abolish slavery everywhere, forever."

Selena has been working with the organization for quite some time now—since March this year—but hasn't always been open about this part of her life. "I wasn't going to immediately start discussing it. It's out of my comfort zone. I needed to be fully immersed in it," she told Elle in her October cover story. And, of course, she said she also knows people are thinking, "'What a great thing another celebrity is doing...'" But Selena explained, "That's not why I want to talk about it. I can't be silent about this."

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After an eventful 2017—going through her ever-so-slightly messy breakup with The Weeknd, her short-lived reunion with Justin Bieber, and working on her new album coming out this fall—she said that she had a heart-to-heart with her aunts and her mom. She realized, "I had been working for so long, and I don't like taking things in my life. I just wanted to serve." She feels so passionate about the cause to combat worldwide slavery that she goes out to do fieldwork and meets affected children and families. "The idea of human trafficking to me is…I'm flabbergasted," she said.

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Like any other volunteer in their office, Selena works five days a week, has a work email address, an office key, and a designated coffee shop where she and her co-workers like to grab coffee. She told Elle, "It's our Central Perk," referring to the coffee shop hangout in Friends.

But her job definitely does not entail grabbing coffee for her boss. The description for volunteers includes opportunities to work in all aspects of the organization, like organizing events, social media, photography, marketing, and much more.

Details on where Selena volunteers, and what department she's in weren't revealed because obviously that's a safety risk for both her AND the people she's serving. But, yes, you could still totally apply and volunteer to help Selena, the cause, and the victims. Or, you could be a donor—which is also very important.


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