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Selena Gomez's Most Iconic Instagrams In Honor Of Her Reaching 100 Million Followers

The Insta queen does it again.
PHOTO: Instagram/selenagomez

Despite not having updated her account in six weeks, Selena Gomez still managed to make Instagram history this week as the first person to ever hit 100 million followers. 

That's right: The reigning queen of Instagram has broken yet another social media record and was able to reach the impressive milestone before other heavy-hitters like Taylor Swift (91.5 million followers), Beyoncé (85.3 million followers), and Kim Kardashian (83.6 million followers). To top it all off, the singer and actress did it while taking a break from her Revival tour and shedding light on the importance of self-care for your mental health. Is there anything she can't do?!

In honor of Selena's huge accomplishment, here are just a few of her most iconic Instagram posts.

When she stole the record for "most-liked photo" from her ex Justin Bieber.

When she adorably got her groove on with her biggest fan.

When she had you debating buying a denim bikini.

When she gave Kim K. a run for her money with her selfie skills.

When she posted the #TBT to end all #TBTs.

When she totally shut down her body-shamers.

When she reminded everyone that her fans come first (while throwing master-level shade).

When she had an impromptu photo shoot in a supermarket like it was NBD.