Selena Gomez Just Unfollowed Her Best Friend On Instagram

She's also reportedly taking a break from her relationship with Justin Bieber.
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It looks like Selena Gomez just unfollowed one of her best friends on Instagram. Petra Collins, who has been friends with Gomez for years and also directed the "Fetish" music video, isn't among the singer's list of "following" accounts anymore.

But, if you look at Petra's list, Selena's account is definitely still listed under the people she follows.

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The two became friends in 2015 on the set of a photo shoot for Wonderland magazine. "We were both kind of like awkward and timid in the beginning," Selena said in a joint interview with Dazed magazine in 2017. "People don't know but my personal life ties into the work we do together because you know things about my life that nobody knows and I know a lot about your life that nobody knows. It comes out, somehow."

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Later in the interview, she talked about how it feels like she and Petra are more sisters than friends. "You make me feel more confident about the choices I make, like a sister," Selena said of their friendship. "You help me, you encourage me and validate how I feel in that moment. I wouldn't have been able to grow into the artist I am right now without you. It's like this fire-and-water, duality thing going on."

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Earlier in 2018, the two seemed to be totally fine. They went to the Coach 1941 show during New York Fashion Week and sat front row together. They even looked like they were having fun.

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This isn't the only relationship change Selena has made this year. Last week, it was reported that she and rumored boyfriend Justin Bieber were taking a break, and now she's giving people the "unfollow" on social media. Obviously an Insta follow isn't everything, but you can ponder the implications of that on your own time.

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