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Shay Mitchell And Bretman Rock Team Up For A Hilarious YouTube Tutorial Video

They combine three things that the internet loves.

Shay Mitchell and Bretman Rock put together three things that the internet loves—the holy trifecta for some people—in a new YouTube tutorial video. 1) ASMR a.k.a. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response a.k.a. that tingling, pleasurable feeling you get from listening to certain sounds; 2) mukbang, a live broadcast where the host eats a feast while interacting with viewers; and 3) makeup, of course.

While the internet superstar used his makeup collection on the actress, they munched on “spicy ass chicken” and pickles, getting close to the mic for that ASMR realness. Shay got into ASMR (“Can you hear the split ends?”), Bret made fart sounds through his throat (true story), and they talked about the intricacies of doing glam makeup vs. dick appointment makeup (two hours vs. 25 minutes).

We’ll leave you with Bret’s winning answer as to why he should be Miss Universe. “To be Miss Universe is both an honor and a privilege. I think I should be Miss Universe because not only do I care about human beings but aliens as well, and I think that’s the true definition of being Miss Universe. Because, like, how can you live on earth and be Miss Universe? Catch me on the Milky Way.”

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