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Show Some Love For Your Fave College Athlete--Get Ready For July's Online Hunks!

As a Cosmo Campus special, we're featuring four sporty hotties! To make it "competitive," the hunk who gets the most views will be featured again for a full month this year!

Do you have a crush on the cutest varsity player in your university? You might be in for a pleasant surprise this month: he may just be one of our four (you read that right!) Cosmo Online Hunks for July! As a special Cosmo Campus treat this month, we're bringing you four college athletes, one for each Wednesday of July. Get to know these sporty hunks through exclusive interviews and a steamy gallery of each boy in (and out of) his athletic gear.

We'll dive into the month of college sports on July 6 with the smokin' hot swimmer Mike Advincula from De La Salle University's swim team, followed by the ripped runner Franco Imperial of Ateneo De Manila's track team on July 13. On week three (July 20), you'll meet the very handsome volleyball player Ja Sioson from the University of Santo Tomas. A gorgeous De La Salle footballer, Luigi Celdran, will cap the month of college sports and athletic heartthrobs on July 27.

Since these hunks play in the competitive field, we want to make things extra exciting by giving you the chance to show us who's your favorite among the four. Click through the gallery of your hunk of choice as often as you can, and we just might get him for a full month's feature as Cosmo Online Hunk this year!

So if you've got nothing to do between periods, or you're procrastinating on that research paper, why not show your favorite boy some virtual love? Go on, click through his gallery again...and again...and again. The power to see more of him is in your fingertips!

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