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10 Shows With Female Leads We Can't Help But Admire

Who's up for another 'Gilmore Girls' marathon?
PHOTO: (1) Younger/TV Land, (2) The Good Place/NBC, (3) Dynasty/CBS
  1. Dynasty 

    This original Netflix series is a reboot of the original from the '80s. The show follows two wealthy and dysfunctional feuding families in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Victorious-alumni Elizabeth Gillies stars in this soap opera-like series as a cunning, lavishly-clothed and sharp-tongued heir.
  2. Younger 

    Imagine disguising yourself as a 26-year-old when you're actually a recently divorced 40-year-old mother. Liza Miller’s youthful glow helped her land the job of her dreams, but as we all know, secrets don't stay hidden for too long.
  3. The Good Place

    Ever wonder what "heaven" looks like? Kristen Bell stars as an undeserving and wrongfully placed dead person in The Good Place. It answers what it means to be a good person, including moral ethics lessons from Aristotle and Kant in the most hilarious way possible.
  4. Grace & Frankie

    After finding out that their husbands are actually gay and involved in a 20-year affair with each other, see how two recently divorced women try to cope with this unusual situation.
  5. Veronica Mars 

    Because who doesn’t love a crime-fighting private detective that cracks her town's toughest mysteries?
  6. Big Little Lies 

    The award-winning HBO series follows a group of women tied together by their children in Monterey, California. They face different family problems, from abusive marriages to secret pasts. 
  7. Insecure 

    Issa Rae, the creator and star of the show, wanted to make an entertaining narrative about the uneasy scenarios and experiences of two young black women trying to make ends meet for women to relate toand she did!

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  8. The Handmaid's Tale 

    Set in a dystopian future where enforced surrogacy and a caste-like system exists, this hyper-controlled world called Gilead takes a toll on a certain group of women and their state-owned rights.
  9. Gilmore Girls

    Thank you, Netflix, for practically reviving this classic and humor-filled mother and daughter tandem that makes us laugh-cry every single time.
  10. Veep 

    This long-standing political satire comedy follows senator-turned-vice-president Selina Meyer as she face certain responsibilities and problems she didn't exactly sign up for.