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10 Signs You're Getting Over Your K-Drama Obsession

PHOTO: Instagram/annecurtissmith

1. You're starting to look for things to watch that don't require subtitles.

It isn't said enough that watching K-dramas requires a lot of focus. If you aren't fluent in Korean, chances are you heavily rely on subs to understand what's going on in a scene. With this, you've probably held in your pee one too many times and avoided looking at your phone just so you won't miss a dialogue. But whatevs, now you just want to watch things that you actually understand. #overit

2. You've been asking around for the shows you missed out on during the past months (or years) you've been sucked into the K-drama system.

Riverdale? Big Little Lies? The Handmaid's Tale? Have I been living under a rock?! (Yes.)

3. Looking at your oppa merch isn't giving you as much kilig as before.

Even those topless postcards of Nam Joo Hyuk and Gong Yoo on your desk aren't cutting it. You feel (almost) nothing. *sighs*

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4. You finally changed your phone wallpaper to something other than your fave K-drama couple.

Or probably deleted their photos in your phone. So sorry, Song-Song.

5. You've unfollowed (some) Instagram and Twitter fan accounts.

K-drama updates 24/7 are honestly spamming your feed.

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6. You're getting enough sleep.

Because you don't sleep at 4 a.m. anymore after binge-watching half a season of Fight For My Way.

7. You're more productive at work!

Being obsessed with a K-drama leads to endless searches on YouTube, Google, Koreaboo, etc. about anything that has to do with your main oppa. Interviews and K-dramas from five years ago? Yup, you've watched all of those. But more often than not, you've set aside your daily tasks to feed on your obsession—which tbh, isn't the most responsible of choices.

8. You have a social life again.

Friday and Saturday nights are no longer spent with fictional characters but with your real-life barkada. "Welcome to the real world," they say to you.

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9. Your main travel destination isn't South Korea anymore.

Yup, you know the touristy sights to visit in Seoul by heart (and even researched where the YG Entertainment building is located) but you feel like there's so much more in the world you can see. You aren't limiting your plans to your obsession anymore but opening yourself up to new experiences. Backpacking across Southeast Asia? G!

10. You've reached your peak umay level.

And you're perfectly OK with that. It's not as if you're totally shutting out the world of K-drama from your life. Hell no. It's just that you need a breather for a while. And when the ~*right*~ K-drama comes along, you'll feel those butterflies in your stomach once again and you'll know for sure that the cycle will repeat itself. Or not.  

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