Sofia Vergara Wears Earrings to Avoid Breast Attention

Sofia Vergara has revealed she wears lavish earrings to try and draw people's attention away from looking at her large breasts.

Sofia Vergara wears lavish earrings to try and stop people from looking at her breasts.

The Modern Family actress dazzled in a low-cut green gown and $5 million worth of jewellery at the CFDA Awards in New York on Monday (June 3, 2013), but admitted she rarely wears eye-catching necklaces, like the sparkling emerald one she donned at the event, because she tries to draw attention away from her ample cleavage.

Speaking at the event she told the New York Post newspaper, she said: "I usually wear earrings, to draw attention up!"

The 40-year-old actress is proud of her 32F boobs and she always wears dresses to red carpet events which compliment her curvaceous figure.

She explained: "People [say], 'Oh you always wear the same type of dress on the red carpet.' Of course! I'm not 20 years old.

"I know exactly what looks good on me now. I could never wear something with no bra, because my boobs are up to here."

A favorite designer of hers is Vera Wang, who picked up the Lifetime Achievement award at the event, as she always knows Wang will create an outfit which is a perfect fit.

Sofia said: "She has made things for me that fit me like a glove."

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